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My daughter and her partner were looking to buy their first home.  They are used to getting things done on their own and I think would have preferred not to ask me to guide them through it. They said they had spent hours trawling the internet and looking on Rightmove. They even called up a couple of mortgage advisors but still felt clueless as to where to look, what to buy and how to navigate their way through the whole process. My daughter and her partner despite both having good university educations quite simply did not know what to do. They were especially concerned that it seemed the only people involved in the buying process who knew absolutely nothing about how it worked, was in fact them. They were worried about overpaying and being taken advantage of, as they didn’t understand the dynamics of the property buying process. Who could they trust that did not have an agenda?

After some considerable research, I found many sites and lots of helpful advice, but it wasn’t easy to find, was very fragmented and it certainly wasn’t independent.  Obviously, help and assistance was predominately and understandably there for the seller, who pays handsomely for the help. However, for the UK buyer, who unlike other countries where they pay for buying expertise. There is very little help on offer. I could find no independent one stop shop, no one place that First Time Buyers could gain the knowledge they need to navigate the whole buying process. Or get practical independent advice. What to ensure you do, what to beware of and what happens next.

Whilst many first-time buyers turn to parents for advice, it often comes with strings attached. It may be pressure to buy nearby or awkward conversations about children you don’t yet have or know if you want and there is a danger very little thought goes into making sure it’s the home or investment you want or need.

It was obvious my daughter was right. There was a massive hole in the information available to guide First Time Buyers in what to expect when undertaking their property journey. So together with my business partner also an expert in the UK property market with many years’ experience we created HOW TO BUY A HOME. Using our extensive background in the purchase of thousands of UK properties and experience gained through the acquisition and sales of over £3 billion pounds of property in 6 different countries. We have created a comprehensive guide to aid First-time buyers in knowing what to expect when entering into the buying process and how to do it well.

The object, is to educate, furnish and arm you, the new buyer with the knowledge that will allow you to source, negotiate and purchase your first property. We will also provide detailed information to help you understand property terms and timescales. To understand the issues that may arise and  how to take the stress out of the whole transaction by being prepared and applying what you know.

More importantly you have access to us, the experts.

Mark Connelly

The Founders

Mark Connelly

Mark Connelly


Mark was Head of UK Acquisitions for a large residential investment business.

At its height, Mark and his team were charged with sourcing and negotiating the purchase of over 7500 properties per annum. This involved direct negotiation with both developers and Estate agents and close relationships with surveyors, mortgage brokers and conveyance lawyers. This provided a comprehensive understanding of all the facets involved in the delivery of volume property purchases.

He has owned and run a central London estate agency and was a shareholder in a mortgage business.

Currently he remains contracted to a large London housing association and a local authority to source and negotiate the purchase of target properties direct with the sellers.

Tony McKay

Tony McKay


Tony qualified as a Chartered Accountant in 1985 and was Managing Director of Chesterton Estate Agents, one of the premier London residential estate agents in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s.

He was then head-hunted to Manage the largest Residential Education and Investment Property Sourcing business, prior to heading to the Baltic States to work for a large Swedish Bank.

Currently he remains contracted to a large accounting firm and a chartered surveying business to provide strategic input on the disposal and acquisition of Real Estate.

More than 30 years involvement in Real Estate.


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